Yellow Fish Road

What is Yellow Fish Road?

This educational program creates community awareness about the impact of household hazardous waste on the health of Hamilton Harbour. Presented by BARC, in partnership with Trout Unlimited Canada and Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association, Yellow Fish Road™ volunteers mark storm drains with painted fish symbols and disks that carry the message “Only Rain Down the Drain”. They also deliver flyers to nearby mailboxes to spread the Yellow Fish Road™ message. Your Yellow Fish Road™ event will include an in-class presentation in addition to the outdoor marking activity. The length and content of the presentation is adaptable to your schedule but it is ideal to allow 1 to 1.5 hours for the marking.

Curriculum Links

Grade 3 • Oral Communication
Grade 4 • Habitats and Communities
              • People and Environments, Political and Physical Regions of Canada
Grade 5 • Oral Communication
Grade 6 • Biodiversity
Grade 7 • Interactions in the Environment
              • Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability
Grade 8 • Water Systems
              • Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability
Grade 9 Applied • Applied Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity
Grade 9 Academic • Sustainable Ecosystems
Grade 11 University • Diversity of Living Things
Grade 11 University/College • Environmental Sciences, Human Health and the Environment
Grade 11 Workplace • Environmental Sciences, Human Impact on the Environment
                                    • Environmental Sciences, Human Health and the Environment 
Grade 12 University • Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Grade 12 University/College • The Environment and Resource Management, Human-Environment Interactions
Grade 12 Workplace • General Science, Chemicals in Consumer Products
                                    • Environment and Resource Management, Human-Environment Interactions