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Together, We're Bringing Back the Bay!

The degradation of Hamilton Harbour over time has resulted in the need for a Remedial Action Plan (RAP). For 25 years the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) has been at the forefront of Hamilton Harbour restoration issues. BARC promotes, monitors, and assesses the implementation of the RAP and serves to communicate Harbour issues to the public.
Improving the community’s relationship and understanding of water-related issues is important to BARC’s work. Through education programs, community engagement, and city-wide collaboration, BARC strives to create opportunities that support the remedial efforts of our partners, agencies, community groups, and public volunteers.
A thriving, healthy and accessible Harbour.
Improve the Hamilton Harbour community’s relationship with its water.
Promote, monitor and assess implementation of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan;
Enhance the restoration and public understanding of the social-ecological systems of the Hamilton Harbour watershed through community engagement, educational programming and issues analysis; and
Communicate, collaborate and create opportunities that support and add value to the remedial efforts of our partner agencies, community groups and public volunteers.
Education Programs
With 7 education programs delivered in local schools, BARC provides year-round resources, activities, and support to teachers. Our diverse programs allow for a range of grades to learn about water issues and how they can contribute to a healthy Harbour. Youth will face the brunt of climate change and water-related challenges. Educating them about their local ecosystems and the importance of water is critical to positive change.
Community Engagement
To engage the public in Harbour issues, BARC is involved in community events, which include panel talks on Randle Reef, local initiatives (including 100 in 1 Day Hamilton), and festivals (such as Children's Water Festival). Being a prominent voice on Harbour issues involves developing a two-way conversation with the public. BARC’s community engagement efforts create a space for discussion, learning, and awareness around Harbour issues. BARC is also committed to engaging citizens online. If you want to explore the waterfront or learn about local issues, our website serves as a hub for Hamilton Harbour news, research, and information.
BARC’s commitment to a healthy, thriving, and accessible Harbour involves collaboration with the scientific and academic community, RAP/BAIT members, elected officials, and other community groups and public interest organizations. Achieving goals outlined in the Hamilton Harbour RAP relies on building these partnerships and creating a network committed to restoring the Harbour.

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