Who We Are

Together, We're Bringing Back the Bay!

The abuse and decline of Hamilton Harbour over several decades resulted in a shockingly degraded environment and a community very estranged from its water. Beginning in 1985, the development and implementation of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) to restore water quality, aquatic habitat, and community access to the Harbour has achieved successes and met continuing challenges.
Formed in 1991, the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) is a registered charitable corporation that represents the public interest in the revitalization of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed. We promote, monitor, and assess the implementation of the RAP and communicate water sustainability issues to the public.
BARC is responsible for community engagement and educational activities in the implementation of the Hamilton Harbour RAP. BARC encourages public understanding and collective action through school programs, volunteer participation, public workshops, evaluative reporting on current issues and opportunities for digital communications. 
A thriving, healthy, accessible Harbour for all.
To lead and engage in collective action to revitalize Hamilton Harbour and its watershed through education and collaboration.
Integrity. We act in the public interest with candour and reliability, rigour and consistency.
Optimism. We provide a collaborative and pragmatic hopefulness to shared goal setting and problem solving.
Inclusiveness. We foster communities of practice that welcome and respect a diversity of ideas and perspectives.
Learning. We advance appreciation and discovery in our relations to water, the environment, and to each other.
Progress. We encourage collective action and social change, resilience and reconciliation.
Educate and increase public awareness and understanding to improve the Hamilton Harbour community’s relationship with water. 
> We do this through relevant, impactful, and engaging water-focused educational programming, taking actions to increase the community’s awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy and sustainable water, and communicating important water issues and research to the public.

Engage the Hamilton Harbour community to take action, steward water, and foster sustainability for generations to come.
> We do this by providing experiential opportunities for community members in programming, outreach, and monitoring activities across the Hamilton Harbour watershed, by providing leadership development opportunities to engage community members in restoration and stewardship, and by providing a source of news, research, and resources on Hamilton Harbour, its watershed, and related restoration and water sustainability issues and ideas.

Advance initiatives, collaboration, and resilience in the governance and management of the Hamilton Harbour watershed. 
> We do this by promoting, monitoring, and assessing the implementation of the Hamilton Harbour RAP, by leading or participating in collaborative initiatives that promote an integrated watershed perspective in management and planning, and by leveraging partnerships and relationships to improve and communicate the state of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed.

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