Volunteer Programs

Help us restore Hamilton Harbour!

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Marsh Volunteer Planting 

Community volunteers strap on hip waders and head into Cootes Paradise to plant native cattails. The cattails provide a stable framework where other plant species can grow. The plants help to reduce erosion and sedimentation and increase fish and wildlife habitat. For more information about the program, click here.

Testing the Waters (Community Science Water Testing)

Help us monitor the health of Hamilton's Harbour watershed by becoming a citizen scientist! Using water testing equipment, you will be testing a range of parameters in local waterways.  We will train you on how to use the equipment, why we are testing for certain things, and how your contribution fits into the bigger picture. 

Community Water Leaders

This 8 - 12 week program provides university level students and young professionals opportunities to collect water quality data. As a cohort, volunteers will test the watershed, monitoring for specific indicators of water quality. In addition, we will provide valuable workshops and networking opportunities for participants to learn about ongoing issues/projects and meet the individuals working towards a healthy watershed. This program provides hands-on water testing experiences, career building workshops, and presentations to further knowledge about current issues. 

Shoreline Monitoring

The aesthetics of Hamilton Harbour is an important part of working towards Remedial Action Plan goals. The overall look and smell of the Harbour has changed drastically since the stat of restoration and we need your help to track this progress. Volunteers will be trained to look for and evaluate specific aspects of our shoreline to determine the aesthetics score. This data will be used when government agencies and Remedial Action Plan partners assess the health of Hamilton Harbour. Typically, we ask volunteers to commit to a few hours every week during the summer months.

Bay Area Ambassadors

Bayfront Park is a popular spot for the public to explore, enjoy, and learn about Hamilton Harbour. Our waterfront kiosk provides a space where the public can ask questions and learn about current issues facing the Harbour. As a volunteer, you would help us educate the public by operating the kiosk through the summer/fall months. Volunteers are provided with all the current information of Hamilton Harbour, frequently asked questions, and how to interact with the public. It is a great opportunity to spend some time outside while educating the public. Typically, we ask volunteers to commit to a few hours weekly over the summer/fall months.