Turtle Crossing!

What is Turtle Crossing?

Wetlands in Ontario are diverse ecosystems with a variety of plants and wildlife. Turtles are an important part of these ecosystems but are often threatened by human activity and non-native species. This program, offered to students in Grade 1-4, provides an interactive overview of Ontario’s turtles and how we can work to protect them locally. Turtle Crossing focuses on Cootes Paradise marsh as prime turtle habitat, the characteristics of Ontario turtles, recognizing threats to native turtles, and more! Students also get to use creativity by making their own turtle using modeling clay. Depending on the grade participating, this program ranges in length (from 40 minutes to one hour). 
Please note: There are no live animals in this presentation. BARC uses artificial model turtles for education. 

Curriculum Links

Grade 1 • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
               • People and Environments, the Local Community
Grade 2 • Growth and Changes in Animals
               • Properties of Liquids and Solids
               • Air and Water in the Environment
Grade 3 • Oral/Visual Communication
Grade 4 • Habitats and Communities