Stream Scientists

What is Stream Scientists?

Urbanization and a growing population are major stresses on the water quality of the Harbour and the creeks and rivers that feed it. Available to grades 1-4, Stream Scientists directly addresses the issue of watershed pollution using kinesthetic learning. Our mobile, classroom lab allows students to examine a number of preserved aquatic invertebrate specimens in detail from local creeks and rivers, linking their ecology to water quality and human activity, with special emphasis on the role individuals play in restoring the Harbour's health. Students will participate as citizen scientists, engaging in a presentation, bug lab and creepy crawly craft. Dependent on the grade participating, the program ranges in length from 40 minutes to one hour. 

Curriculum Links:

Grade 1 • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
Grade 2 • Growth and Changes in Animals
Grade 3 • Growth and Changes in Plants
Grade 4 • Habitats and Communities