Partner Highlight: ArcelorMittal


ArcelorMittal and BARC are working towards restoring Cootes Paradise Marsh and fostering young environmental leaders. ArcelorMittal has a long history of working with BARC and proactively supports efforts to ensure the sustainability of Hamilton Harbour's watershed.
Human settlement around Hamilton Harbour brought several stressors that had an impact on Cootes Paradise Marsh. By the 1930's Cootes Paradise experienced a 15% permanent reduction in wetland vegetation, and by 1985 the level of plant loss reached 85% of its original coverage. To bring back native vegetation, ArcelorMittal's Team Orange participates in a marsh planting with BARC every summer. BARC's Marsh Volunteer Planting (MVP) program involves planting 1,000 native plants in Cootes Paradise Marsh. The plants help to reduce erosion and contribute to increased fish/wildlife habitat.
In the past, ArcelorMittal has also supported BARC’s environmental education programming. This programming involves education about local turtles, insects, climate change, and much more. Last year, we were able to engage over 16,000 youth in classrooms across the Hamilton Harbour watershed. Some of our newest programs, such as Turtle Crossing, were made possible by the support of ArcelorMittal.