Marsh Volunteer Planting

Each year, BARC partners with the Royal Botanical Gardens to directly engage community volunteers in the restoration of Cootes Paradise Marsh. Marsh Volunteer Planting (MVP) events are co-led by BARC and RBG staff. Community volunteers strap on hip waders and head into Cootes Paradise to plant native cattails. The cattails provide a stable framework where other plant species can grow. Sites within the marsh are chosen by RBG staff, and participants often get to take a boat ride to the planting site. The plants help to reduce erosion and sedimentation and increase fish and wildlife habitat.

BARC organizes three to five MVP events each year, usually in July. Each event ends with light refreshments and conversation with fellow volunteers. Please note that planting sites can be tricky to access and you will get wet and dirty! Due to the nature of the planting sites this program is not suitable for volunteers under the age of 16 (volunteers 16 or 17 years of age can participate with a waiver signed by an adult).

Planting days are popular because they are a great way for individuals to see, touch and have fun while helping to restore the Harbour!