Let's Talk Water

Hamilton & Burlington, Let’s Talk Water!
Throughout 2018, BARC has been collecting visual and written information about the aesthetic qualities and public perceptions of Hamilton Harbour.
Now we want to hear from you.
BARC has teamed up with Civicplan to launch PlanLocal: Let’s Talk Water - an engagement process to ask residents from across the watershed to share their thoughts, experiences and photographs with us and the whole community.
Think of the first or the last time you visited Hamilton Harbour, including Cootes Paradise Marsh. Where did you go? Was it a park or a trail? What did the water look like? How did it smell? What sounds did you hear? How have things changed over the years? These are the things we would like to hear from you.
We’re also asking you to share your favourite locations through an interactive crowd map along with your photos and feedback.
It only takes a few minutes, so Let’s Talk Water.