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What's Up @ Randle Reef

BARC's update on the project to contain toxic sediment at Randle Reef in Hamilton Harbour, Issue 1.
Publication Date: December 2020

Randle Reef Project Modifications Moving Ahead, CBC News, 2015

News article details modifications to Randle Reef Project in light of over-budget tenders in 2014.
Publication Date: February 2015

Randle Reef Cleanup Stalled, the Spec, 2014

News article announcing the stalling of the Randle Reef project as a result of climbing costs.
Publication Date: 2014

Randle Reef Step Forward, Environment Canada, 2013

News article highlighting milestone: all legal agreements to implement the Randle Reef Remediation project signed.
Publication Date: September 2013

Randle Reef Resolution, the Spec, 2012

News article celebrating the procurement of all the funds necessary to begin the Randle Reef Remediation Project.
Publication Date: December 2012

Randle Reef Remediation Plan Panels, EC 2012

Randle Reef Remediation Project plan summary including design renderings, maps and photographs.
Publication Date: February 2012