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Classroom Mini Marsh Program Background Information 2023

Background guide for the assembly, maintenance, and delivery of the Classroom Mini Marsh Program 2023.
Publication Date: April 2023

Draft Re-designation Report for Beneficial Use Impairment Degradation of Wildlife Populations in the Hamilton Harbour Area of Concern

A draft report proposing a status change to 'not impaired' for colonial waterbirds in the Hamilton Harbour Area of Concern. Responses to public feedback can be seen in Appendix 3. This report may change through time as we continue to receive feedback and
Publication Date: October 2022

Restrictions on Dredging Criteria Update August 2022

This short primer summarizes navigational dredging in the Hamilton Harbour Area of Concern and visualizes how this issue will be assessed in the future.
Publication Date: August 2022

Snail Comic

Publication Date: April 2022

Classroom Mini Marsh Background Information 2022

A one-stop guide for setting up a Classroom Mini-Marsh, including facts about wetland conservation and native plant species.
Publication Date: April 2022

Fall Intern 2021

Fall intern 2021 job posting
Publication Date: September 2021