A Bark from BARC
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON January 24, 2019
Molly from BARC here!

When in the office I greet my coworkers and check their lunches - for quality control purposes. But today I thought I would share with you the importance of water from my perspective, on behalf of all canines.

Hydration is important to me, especially on hot summer days, so I enjoy a long slurp of clean drinking water from my bowl.

I don’t like baths, but my human calls me stinky if I don’t have them, so into the tub of clean water I go every so often. I also know that water conservation is important because water is a limited resource. That’s how I argue for less baths, but my human doesn’t listen because she has special low flow taps!

When I walk in winter, my human often makes me wear booties to protect my paws from salt. I don’t like my booties. And while my booties protect me, my animal friends including freshwater fish and frogs can’t protect themselves from salt that washes into their homes. So please be mindful when salting – you can just do a pathway instead of your entire driveway and walkways. And salting only requires a small amount - nowhere near what humans actually use!

I love walking in any weather on waste collection days on account of the sniffing opportunities. But it makes me mad to see plastics not properly secured in the recycle box, because I don’t want to see any water wildlife being harmed by digesting or becoming tangled in plastics.

I especially like going for walks along Hamilton Harbour and I think my human is more relaxed walking along the water’s edge. So water quality and biodiversity in the harbour is important to me. I know humans should not pollute by releasing invasive species, like pet turtles and goldfish into the harbour. Plus, I overheard my human discussing with our neighbour how we can reduce algae blooms by being careful with how and when we use fertilizer in our gardens, using less water to prevent overflow events, and by washing our cars at car wash stations where water is recycled and filtered. (The car wash machine scares me, but I try to be brave because it’s better for the harbour!. Maybe one day my human will finally let me go swimming when there will be no risk of getting sick from the blue-green algae.

And while I don’t drink from the toilet, I know that it’s important that my human ensure that only pee, poo and paper get flushed. But not mine, I go outside. What goes down the pipes is still important to me, because all water eventually leads to the harbour! That’s why I only let my human use environmentally friendly soaps and make her take unused medicine back to the pharmacy- including the ones from the vet I like to spit out!

When I go outside, my human lets me snuffle around rain gardens (but not do my business in them!) which she says are an important part of storm water management. I don’t like storms, so I hope it helps prevent them. I still hear thunder though… so maybe it has to do with the rain water it collects instead.

So that’s it from me for now. Back to checking the lunches!
Paws & licks - Molly
Author Bio - Bay Area Restoration Council
The Bay Area Restoration Council represents the public interest in the restoration of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed.
The Bay Area Restoration Council represents the public interest in the restoration of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed.

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