Education Programs

Bring BARC into your classroom! 

Thank you for your support! We are fully booked for the remaining school year (2021-2022)!  
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All of our education programs are free and curriculum-linked. Below you will find information about our current programs. To register for these programs, please fill out our
* Our programs take place, in person at your school. Most programs require a minimum of 4 classes to participate*

(Algae) Bloom in a Bottle (Coming Soon)  

Grades: 4 - 12
Climate change is creating conditions for more algae blooms, which can lead to poor water quality. However, algae is still an important  part of healthy ecosystems! Teachers receive an "algae kit" with live algae culture, experiments, and information to share with students. For more details about the program, click here. 

Classroom Mini Marsh

Grades: K - 9 
Bring a bit of Cootes Paradise into your classroom with our mini marsh kits! Kits include instructions, different types of rooted marsh plants, a bowl, gravel and a snail. Teachers receive educational material about wetlands, curriculum linked activities, and information about the plants in your mini marsh. For more details about the program, click here.

Creeks and Creepy Crawlies (Currently being redesigned)

Our mobile, classroom lab allows students to examine a number of preserved aquatic invertebrate specimens in detail from local creeks and rivers, linking their ecology to water quality and human activity. Students will participate as citizen scientists, engaging in a presentation, bug lab and creepy crawly craft. For more details about the program, click here.

Home to Harbour 

Grades: 5 - 12
Despite living close to a large body of freshwater, many students are unfamiliar with Hamilton Harbour and its watershed. Our informative and interactive presentations introduce and explore the Harbour from various social, economic and environmental perspectives. For more details about the program, click here.


Grades: 1 - 4
Hop and croak like a frog! Frogs are important species in our local wetlands and face many threats. As a sensitive species, it is important to be aware of the impacts we are having on them. Not to mention, appreciating how amazing these amphibians are! For more details about the program, click here.

Stream of Dreams 

Grades: K - 8
Many people do not know the name or location of their local creeks or rivers. Even fewer know where the water comes from or where it is going. Stream of Dreams educates students and communities about Hamilton Harbour and its watershed, while dazzling them with the beauty of community art. For more details about the program, click here 
*This program must be booked 4-6 months in advance.* 

Turtle Crossing 

Grades: 1 - 4
Wetlands in Ontario are diverse ecosystems with a variety of plants and wildlife. Turtles are an important part of these ecosystems but are often threatened by human activity and non-native species. This program provides an interactive overview of Ontario’s turtles and how we can work to protect them locally. Students receive a presentation about local turtle species, and  make their own clay turtle! For more details about the program, click here.

Water School

Grades: 9 - 12
Let's test the water! Students participate in the process of learning about local water quality, engaging in the scientific process, and actually get to test certain parameters of local waterways. This program brings fieldwork into the classroom and allows students to work through real world environmental issues using science. For more details about the program, click here.

Yellow Fish Road

Grades: 3 - 8
The water quality of Hamilton Harbour is important for the many kinds of wildlife that call the bay home. The dumping of hazardous waste into storm drains is a significant source of water pollution. Students receive a presentation and then go out into their community to mark storm drains with painted fish symbols and disks that carry the message “Only Rain Down the Drain”. They also deliver flyers to nearby mailboxes to spread the Yellow Fish Road message. For more details about the program, click here.

Youth Water Leaders

Grades: 11 - 12 
With environmental issues impacting youth, we are working to create and foster new young champions for healthy water locally. Students participating in this program undertake a water-related project where they develop leadership skills and contribute to lasting change in our community. For more details about the program, click here.