Drugs in our..water?
BY Joanna Wilson
ON March 22, 2018
We all do it when we aren’t feeling well. A headache, a cold, an allergic reaction and we take some medication to feel better. Other than thinking about how well these medications are relieving symptoms, I’ll bet you never think about what happens to medications after you take them. At some point, the pharmaceuticals you take will exit your body and enter municipal sewers and wastew...
A Salty Situation
BY Laura Stinson
ON March 21, 2018
Bad winter weather can create an icy havoc for people using highways, roads, sidewalks, and even your own front porch. Road salt, also called rock salt, is an affordable way to lower the freezing temperature of water to prevent ice from forming or to help melt existing ice. Southern Ontarians are all too familiar with being stuck behind a salt truck or scrubbing salt stains off their shoes. Howeve...
Low oxygen leaves fish breathless
BY Brittney Borowiec
ON March 20, 2018
Unlike most land-dwelling animals, aquatic animals like fish often have to deal with low levels of oxygen, called hypoxia. Hypoxia is a natural part of underwater life, and happens for a lot of reasons. For example, oxygen levels can be low in ice-covered lakes because the ice layer keeps air (and oxygen) from entering the water, like plastic wrap. Hypoxia can also happen in deep water because it ...
From Soggy to Success: How Stream Restoration brought Brook Trout Back to Lowville Park
BY Laura Wensink
ON March 19, 2018
Over the last few years, Trout Unlimited Canada staff and volunteers have worked hard to restore Bronte Creek through the Bronte Creek Watershed Renewal Program. Bronte Creek meanders for 50km through Morriston, Lowville, Burlington and Oakville. Within this stretch lies Lowville Park. The park straddles 1km of Bronte Creek, in the middle reaches of the watershed, and receives thousands of visito...
Pumped about Pines
BY Christine Bowen
ON February 19, 2018
   The beautiful and majestic White Pine; the chief of the forest, Ontario’s provincial tree towers above other trees, and provides direction literally and figuratively.  The white pine, pinus storbus, has been used for directions, as due to prevailing winds, one side normally has longer branches which can aid in determining cardinal directions. Figuratively it has been ...
Winter Fishing - It's the Cool Thing to Do
BY Gerald Moraal
ON February 9, 2018
You may have driven by lakes, or Hamilton harbor, in the winter and seen small sheds out on the ice in various places or people standing out in the middle of the frozen lake huddled in a small area and wondered if they were out of their minds. Ice fishing is a whole other experience and can be great for the entire family, all ages. Fishing can be done with or without shelters, but fishing witho...