CARPe Diem: Seizing the Bay back from invasive fish
BY Emily Bootsma
ON June 2, 2018
   What is the Fishway? You have probably seen its odd, metallic bulk spanning the canal between Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise as you drive by on the 403 or the York Boulevard bridge. You may know that the Fishway is a source of pride for many in Hamilton, but do you know why? What does it really do? As you may be able to guess by its name, it has something to do with fish. I...
Frozen Wood.. Frogs?
BY Jessica Tartaglia
ON May 19, 2018
It’s spring! And the last thing you probably want to think about is the cold winter weather we just left behind. But as the temperatures get warmer there are recognizable signs that spring is here. Most people are familiar with how mammals and birds survive through winter, by either migrating, hibernating, or just by using the resources available to them in the frigid conditions of Canadian ...
Plant Profile: Beardtongue
BY Matthew Bowen, Evan Hadley and Charlie Laporte
ON May 7, 2018
Penstemon digitalis,  is a native wildflower found throughout Eastern Canada and the United States, as far south as Texas. It is commonly called Foxglove Beardtongue because the flower has the appearance of an open mouth with a hairy tongue inside.  It is a herbaceous perennial that has white flowers from early June to late August. It can be identified via it’s: Simple, o...
Hamilton's Awesome Escarpment - Nature. Our Home. Our Responsibility.
BY Greg Lenko
ON April 8, 2018
  The Escarpment Project is a not-for-profit organization that provides remediation and stewardship of the Niagara Escarpment. The Escarpment Project Annual Clean-up is the largest volunteer environmental clean up in Ontario. People of all ages gather at various locations along the escarpment in the Greater Hamilton Area to revitalize the forest and help return it to its natural splendour by...
The Mini Marsh Experience!
BY Miss St. Amand & Her First Grade Friends
ON March 24, 2018
With partners at the Royal Botanical Gardens, BARC provides over 300 mini marsh kits to schools throughout the watershed. The kits are equipped with native marsh plants and a snail, which are taken care of by students until June. Share the mini marsh experience with Miss St. Amand and her Grade 1 friends from Winona Elementary School!      For more information or to g...
An Underwater Invader: Zebra Mussels
BY Margaret Sheldon
ON March 23, 2018
Have you ever walked along the beach, listening to the sound of the sea gulls, the waves against the shore and the crunch of Zebra Mussel shells under your feet? If you have visited one ofOntario’s Great Lakes, you have probably experienced this less-than-pleasant addition to their waters. These unwelcomed guests did not always call Ontario’s waters home, having been accidentally ...