Hamilton Harbour on the Road to Delisting
BY Julie Vanden Byllaardt
ON April 17, 2019
Ever wonder how Hamilton Harbour is being remediated? What’s been done and what’s left to do? Look no further! The Remedial Action Plan has published their latest Fact Sheets where you can find all this information and more.  Current Status Remedial Action Plans have a common language. We speak in Beneficial Use Impairments, or BUIs. BUIs represent environmental challenges that i...
The Contaminant Loadings Report: A True Measure of Hamilton Harbour’s Success
BY Julie Vanden Byllaardt
ON March 7, 2019
Have you ever wondered what flows into Hamilton Harbour?You’re not alone. I am asked this question all the time and at the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan Office, it is our responsibility to know and share this information. However, to answer the question we need to travel way back in time… about 100 years.Back to a time when you didn’t need to sample contaminants to know t...
A Bark from BARC
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON January 24, 2019
Molly from BARC here!When in the office I greet my coworkers and check their lunches - for quality control purposes. But today I thought I would share with you the importance of water from my perspective, on behalf of all canines.Hydration is important to me, especially on hot summer days, so I enjoy a long slurp of clean drinking water from my bowl. I don’t like baths, but my human calls me...
Sprucing Up The Digestive System: The Overwintering Process of the Spruce Grouse
BY Shannon Bird
ON December 11, 2018
As winter approaches, not quite everyone is looking for a plane ticket south. In fact, some Hamilton residents are specifically adapted to live here throughout the coldest months. The Spruce Grouse is a species found in Hamilton who is committed to living here year round. This grouse is formally known as Falcipennis canadensis, and informally known as the “fool hen,” for its gentle nat...
What's With All The Algae?
BY Chris McLaughlin
ON September 21, 2018
Hamilton Harbour has an algae problem. People have noticed! Because it has a nutrient problem – or, mostly a phosphorus problem. And a sediment problem, too, which is related to the phosphorus problem. Let me explain briefly.Sediment is material that settles in liquid, like the grounds of your coffee at the bottom of the cup. But we’re talking about the fine sandy, earthy material tha...
Sewage and Stormwater
BY Kirsten Nikel
ON September 11, 2018
Did you know that there is a massive tank under the parking lot at Bayfront Park? The tank is 21,000 m3, or the size of over 8 Olympic swimming pools!  It’s a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) tank, and its job is to store excess water during storm events to prevent untreated sewage from entering the harbour.   Photo of Royal Avenue CSO tank construction (Photo credit: City of Ham...