Reflections on Truth and Reconciliation
BY Chris McLaughlin
ON September 30, 2021
This is a blog about the federal statutory holiday today establishing Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. But I’m going to start in the early 1980s.Every other kid who, like me, grew up in Peterborough, Ontario, has gone on a field trip to Petroglyphs Provincial Park. This Park preserves the largest known concentration of Indigenous rock carvings (petroglyphs) in ...
Phosphate Fight: Learning and monitoring as a BARC volunteer
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON December 14, 2020
I, Rebeca Nascimento, an aspiring environmental technician, wanted to meet people eager to do their best for the environment and be directly involved with conservation work. Additionally, as a Hamilton newcomer, I wanted to become aware of environmental issues in this city. Having that in mind, I was fortunate to join the Community Water Leaders program developed by BARC this past fall.Not only ha...
Fast Fashion; Fast Pollution
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON January 23, 2020
Many of us gravitate towards new fashion trends to keep up with the style. Whether it's that new pair of jeans you always wanted, a new pair of shoes, or a shirt, many people have bought something with the intention to keep up with society’s standards. People have the mindset to buy cheap clothes, wear them a couple of times, and then throw them away. Are clothes really cheap if it is costin...
Calling all Anglers!
BY Julie Vanden Byllaardt
ON September 12, 2019
We need your help! The Remedial Action Plan would like to know if you fish in Hamilton Harbour and if you eat your catch through a short online survey. It takes less than 5 minutes! TAKE THE SURVEY! Our data on fish consumption is old. It was collected more than 20 years ago, back in 1996… that’s too old! A lot has changed in the Harbour since then, including a surging Walley...
Working Together with BARC
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON August 7, 2019
Hi! My name is Jacqui Vinden and I wanted to share with you my experience as the Bay Area Restoration Council’s (BARC) spring intern. I am going into my third year at McMaster University in Biology and Environmental Science. In my second year, one of my professors gave a lecture on Hamilton Harbour and mentioned BARC as a major contributor to its improvement. Based on that lecture, I decided...
A wave of programming in 2019
BY Christine Bowen
ON July 31, 2019
This spring was quite busy, a tidal waves of things happening here at BARC.  Since January, we have seen 165 classes, and give out 325+ mini marsh kits  reaching 11,500 participants. With various other school based education events including our new H2O forum (a high school conference we put on with Hamilton Port Authority),  and the Hamilton Children’s water festival  we...