The Bay Area Restoration Council's annual awards recognize the efforts of organizations or individuals that support the work of BARC and the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan. They are presented annually at BARC's Annual General Meeting. 


Implementation Award
McNally Construction Inc - For outstanding management of Phase One of the Randle Reef Environmental Containment Facility, the construction of the double-walled steel sheet-pile structure to contain the most contaminated toxic sediment in Hamilton Harbour.
Special Recognition Award
Marilyn Baxter - For a twenty-five year career with the Bay Area Restoration Council and the Hamilton Port Authority in the service of Hamilton Harbour’s restoration and as a champion of continued efforts to fully establish and fulfill the goals of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.


John Hall - For twenty-five years of outstanding leadership on the implementation of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan. John served as Manager of the Hamilton Harbour Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project, 1991-2000. Following that, John was the Hamilton Harbour RAP Coordinator until his retirement in 2016. John has had a significant, positive influence on almost every aspect of the restoration of Hamilton Harbour, using his deep knowledge, diplomatic skill and personal integrity to align stakeholders, overcome obstacles, and move projects forward. It is safe to say that John’s service has had a lasting and major impact on the Harbour itself, and for that we are all grateful.

Martin Keller - For extraordinary voluntary service to BARC as a member of the Board of Directors for ten years between 2003 and 2017. Martin served as Vice President for six of those years and as President for four more. In 2012, Martin also chaired the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan Stakeholder Forum, reconvened to update the delisting objectives and reconfirm the status of all beneficial uses. Martin served each year on BARC’s Monitoring Committee and contributed to several annual Towards Safe Harbour reports, including three of BARC’s five-year report cards on the progress of the Hamilton Harbour RAP. Most recently, he oversaw the creation of and chaired BARC’s new Technical Advisory Committee. Martin’s devotion to the Harbour and to the community, as expressed through his service to BARC, is inspiring. We deeply appreciate his volunteer commitment, his wisdom, experience, knowledge and kind manner, which have made our work with him not only effective, but also very pleasant.
Duncan Boyd - For a remarkable career in the Ontario public service that spans the entire Great Lakes Remedial Plan program, with initial and continuing influence on the Hamilton Harbour RAP. Duncan started with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in 1981 as an Environmental Scientist and Sediment Specialist in the Great Lakes Section, and since 2003, has played a supervisory leadership role at OMOE in Great Lakes water quality monitoring. Duncan played an important role in developing the Stage 1 and Stage 2 RAP Reports and earlier research and documentation that laid the groundwork for the Hamilton Harbour RAP. From 2006 until his retirement in 2016, Duncan chaired the Hamilton Harbour RAP’s Water Quality Technical Team. Duncan is a trained scientist gifted with the ability to communicate effectively to informed general audiences and to lead them into decision making roles. He is passionate about environmental protection, a wonderful personality who inspires those around him to make a difference.


Environment Canada - On behalf of the partner agencies of the Randle Reef Executive Committee. Accepted by John Gee (Manager, Great Lakes Areas of Concern Division, Environment Canada).
For the initiation of the Randle Reef Environmental Containment Facility to contain the legacy toxic sediment at the area of Hamilton Harbour known as Randle Reef. The process of stakeholder collaboration to identify the problem, choose a solution and overcome the significant complexities of this project is a tremendous accomplishment of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan. The Randle Reef Environmental Containment Facility will have a significant and positive impact on the environmental quality of Hamilton Harbour and on the image of our community as a whole.

Region of Halton- Accepted by Martin Thissen (Manager, Wastewater Treatment, Region of Halton).
For completion of tertiary treatment upgrades to Burlington’s Skyway Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project will produce effluent that exceeds the goal of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan for phosphorus, and as such will make an exceptionally significant contribution to improving water quality in Hamilton Harbour and to the completion of the RAP.

Victor Cairns (BARC Treasurer) - For extraordinary voluntary service to BARC as a member of the Board of Directors for ten years between 2006 and 2016. Vic served as Vice President for two of those years and Treasurer for six more. Vic also served all ten years on the Monitoring Committee and contributed to several annual Towards Safe Harbour reports, including two of BARC’s quinquennial Report Cards on the progress of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.


Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System - For the multi-institutional initiative to preserve and manage the health and continuity of an area of Hamilton’s Harbour’s north shore that is home to biological diversity of national significance. The EcoPark project is already raising awareness and knowledge of this unique local natural resource.
McMaster University - For renewed leadership under President Patrick Deane in establishing the President’s Advisory Committee on Natural Lands and increasingly embracing outdoor education. For continuous logistical support to BARC, since 1991, by the Department of Biology. And for a wealth of research from across disciplines that has been vital to the ongoing successes of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.
Kathy Trotter - For outstanding administrative service to the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan. Since 2000, Kathy has been the organizational strength behind the RAP’s Secretariat and numerous Committees, and her administrative skill was key to the functioning of the RAP.
Eric McGuiness - For outstanding professionalism and dedication to the coverage of local environmental issues, especially the remediation of Hamilton Harbour. Eric’s thoughtful and thorough approach helped citizens to understand the natural, scientific, political and commercial complexities of restoring a modern harbour. He reported fairly and responsibly, helping to stir informed community participation and shape the agenda that today is bringing the Harbour back to health.
Scott Koblyk - For extraordinary commitment and service to BARC as a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years between 2001 and 2015. Scott served as President for 6 of those years, overseeing the hiring of two Executive Directors and lending his professional skills and knowledge of fundraising and management to significantly advance the organization.


Sarodha Rajkumar - For outstanding service to BARC as a member of the Board of Directors and as chair of the Monitoring Committee for the past six years, overseeing production of BARC’s annual Toward Safe Harbours report on the progress of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan.
The City of Hamilton - For leadership in the construction of an eleven-hectare coastal wetland at Windermere Basin on Hamilton Harbour’s southeastern industrial shoreline. And for partnering with BARC to establish the Bayfront Wall of Distinction honouring the most outstanding citizen contributions to bringing back the Bay.


Alternate Choice Inc. – Extraordinary assistance delivering the Stream of DreamsTM program
Sheila Whaley – Tremendous effort organizing the 2013 Waterfront Dinner


Fern Heywood – For her countless and dedicated volunteer efforts at various BARC events
David Gale – Exceptional dedication to BARC
Lively Dragon – Seven years of exceptional fundraising at the Hamilton Waterfest Dragon Boat Race


Bill Stoddart - Hosted BARC's first ever "friendraiser" in his community in Aldershot
Ken Hall - A lifetime dedicated to BARC and the restoration of Hamilton Harbour
Anne Redish - A lifetime dedicated to BARC and the restoration of Hamilton Harbour


Preeya Raja - Distinguished effort in energizing and organizing BARC volunteers
Sharon Gilmour-Glover - Outstanding dedication to the Burlington Bluecreeks Program
Roland Weiler - A lifetime dedicated to BARC and the restoration of Hamilton Harbour
Lloyd's Register - Exemplary efforts in increasing awareness through Lloyd's LR250 Campaign


CUMIS Group Limited - Environmental leadership by adopting a segment of Grindstone Creek
Tys Theysmeyer, Royal Botanical Gardens - Dedication to the restoration of Cootes Paradise
Gary Kirkwoord, Alternate Choice Inc. - Contributions to BARC's Stream of DreamsTM program


City of Hamilton's Water and Wastewater Division - Implementation of the Children's Water Festival
Hamilton Waterfront Trust - Implementation of the Hamilton Harbour Fishing Derby
Nancy Bouchier and Ken Cruikshank - Production of "The People and The Bay, the Story of Hamilton Harbour" film documentary


Hamilton Waterfront Trust - Enabling people to use and enjoy Hamilton Harbour's waterfront


Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association -  Improving the environment through its collective actions and individual member efforts 


Brian Henley - Promotion of the Bay
Dr. Brian McCarry - A high degree of dedication to the restoration of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed 
Joanna Ranieri - Dedication as an intern at BARC 
Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Contributions to the restoration of natural habitat


Hamilton Spectator - Well-balanced environmental reporting and  the ambitious special series about Hamilton Harbour
Murray Charlton - Contributions of scientific expertise and common sense to the RAP community 
David Butler 
Wendy de Blauw 
Susan Hall 
Tim Thomas 
Mark Sproule-Jones 


Janette Brenner - Service on the board 
Eric McGuiness and Naomi Smith - Promotion of the revitalization of the Bay 
Royal Botanical Gardens -  Involvement in key aspects of the Remedial Action plan and its exemplary restoration efforts and stewardship of natural lands
John McLennan - Vision, initiative and leadership 
Barb McKean - significant contributions in the field of environmental education


Stacey Cherwaty - Hard work as a special projects coordinator 
John DeSoete and Lyall Rudderham - Contributions to Project Paradise 
Craig McGinaly - Dedication and Efforts as BARC Director 


Carrie Daniels - Development of Mini Marsh program 
Kathy Trotter - Major contributions to the Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project
Dofasco - Efforts to improve Hamilton Harbour’s water quality


Werner Plessl
Louise Knox
Stella Gibson
Cathie Korhonen
Sheila O’Neal
Jo-Anne Rzadk 


Conservation Halton 


Hamilton Region Conservation Authority


Hamilton Harbour Commission 


Project Paradise, Royal Botanical Gardens