Algae Bloom in a Bottle

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What is Bloom in a Bottle?

Bloom in a Bottle provides teachers with “algae kits” to grow algae in the classroom. The program will help teach students about the potential impacts of increased stormwater runoff and resulting algae blooms in Hamilton Harbour. Experimenting with algae would involve fun, hands-on chemistry/biology that give students insight into ecosystems, human impacts on the environment, climate change, food chains, and much more. There are many different experiments to do as a class and each student can work through the scientific process. 
The kits include all of the necessary tools, resources, and supplies to experiment with algae growth in the classroom. Teachers receive a workshop on how to use the algae kit, including curriculum-linked resources to deliver the program in their classrooms.

Curriculum Links

Grade 4 Habitats and Communities
Grade 5 • Conservation of Energy and Resources
Grade 6 • Biodiversity 
Grade 7 • Interactions in the Environment
Grade 8 • Water Systems
Grade 9 • Sustainable Ecosystems 
Grade 10 • Climate Change
Grade 11 • Human Impact on the Environment
Grade 12 • Human - Environment Interactions