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2000-2005 RAP Highlights

Remedial Action Plan progress, highlights and next steps from 2000-2005.
Publication Date: 2005

2001-2005 RAP Stakeholder Investments

Remedial Action Plan stakeholder financial investments made directly on beneficial use impairments actions from 2001-2005.
Publication Date: January 2007

Hamilton Harbour RAP Stage Two Summary Report, 1992

Remedial Action Plan 1992 stage two main report covering goals, options and recommendations stipulated by stakeholders at the beginning of the planning process (summary version).
Publication Date: November 1992

Hamilton Harbour RAP Stage Two Full Update, 2002

Remedial Action Plan 2002 stage two update incorporates updates from the original 1992 main report including progress and recommendations of beneficial use impairments (full version).
Publication Date: June 2003

Hamilton Harbour RAP Status Report Summary, 1998

Remedial Action Plan 1998 status report summary presents an overview of actions, costs and accompanying changes in the aquatic ecosystem from 1990 to 1997.
Publication Date: September 1998

2004 Monitoring Catalogue

Remedial Action Plan 2004 monitoring catalogue compiles metadata information from implementing agencies on monitoring activities occurring throughout Hamilton Harbour.
Publication Date: June 2004