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Great Lakes Protection Act

Great Lakes Protection Act: Protecting the Great Lakes during climate change
Publication Date: 2015

Ontario's Cimate Change Discussion Paper

Ontario's Cimate Change Discussion Paper 2015
Publication Date: 2015

RBG Cootes Trail Map

Royal Botanical Gardens Cootes Paradise Marsh trail map including destinations, flowers, trail conditions and volunteer positions.
Publication Date: 2014

Hamilton Harbour Watershed Map

Map of the Hamilton Harbour watershed including all its tributaries and subwatersheds.
Publication Date: 2014

Harbour industrial lands, the Spec

News article on city plans to resurrect strategy for a long-term vision for the industrial Harbour.
Publication Date: November 2013

Eco-park Builders, the Spec

News article detailing the financial battle conservationists face to secure land for the Cootes to Escarpment Eco-Park.
Publication Date: August 2013