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Project Paradise Five Year Plan 2011-2015

Project Paradise goals, strategies and actions to 2015 for Cootes Paradise and Grindstone marshes.
Publication Date: March 2010

RBG Cootes Trail Map

Royal Botanical Gardens Cootes Paradise Marsh trail map including destinations, flowers, trail conditions and volunteer positions.
Publication Date: 2014

Baby Eagles, CBC Hamilton

News article on Project Paradise, the return of bald eagles and community effort to rehabilitate the environment.
Publication Date: March 2013

Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committee Meeting, Fish Management Sub-Committee Update,. 2013.

Slideshow highlighting temporal and special changes in Hamilton Harbour’s nearshore fish communities.
Publication Date: 2013

Hamilton Harbour and Watersheds Fisheries Management Plan

Hamilton Harbour and Watershed Fisheries Management Plan provides information about the characteristics of the watershed, the state of fisheries resources, and guidance for the management of fisheries resources in the watershed.
Publication Date: February 2009

Hamilton turtles, CBC Hamilton

News article on the plight of native turtle populations in Hamilton outlining research and efforts to protect remaining species.
Publication Date: January 2013