Water School

What is Water School?

Water School is a BARC educational program, in partnership with Green Venture  and the Hamilton Waterfront Trust, that engages grade 6 and 7 students in hands-on activities related to Hamilton Harbour and water protection in general. Participants take a field trip to the HWT Centre and take part in presentations, workshops and a tour on the Hamilton Waterfront Trolley. Participants learn about the history of Hamilton Harbour and efforts to delist it as a pollution hot spot.
Please note that BARC requires one adult volunteers to attend the event in addition to the teacher. Only one class can participate per Water School event. If you would like to have more than one class attend, they must book a separate date. 

Why Bring Water School to Your Students?

This field trip will give students the unique opportunity to see and experience Hamilton Harbour first hand. Located on the shore of the Harbour, the HWT Centre is the ideal place for students to learn about the Harbour’s past, present and future. Water School was also assist teachers in addressing fundamental concepts and meeting student learning expectations in the Science and Technology component in both the grade’s 6 and 7 curriculum (biodiversity and ecosystems).

Water School Curriculum Links:

Grade 6  • Biodiversity
               • Visual Arts
               • Oral Communication 
Grade 7  • Interactions in the Environment
               • Oral Communication
               • Physical Patterns in a Changing World
               • Natural Resources Around the World
               • Use and Sustainability