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Our stories connect us to the Harbour in ways we often don’t appreciate until we sit down and think about it. More importantly, our stories connect us to one another. Tales we share, while unique and personal, evoke common feelings among our Harbour’s citzens – most notably, a sense of pride and passion for the Harbour as it was in the past, as it is today, and as we envision its future.

Share with us your personal experiences of the Harbour and celebrate the richness of our community! Let’s create a new story for the Harbour and for the Great Lakes.

BAYFRONT PARK (Photo by Ken Hirter)
"Bayfront Park: a beautiful tranquil place of peace amid the city landscape. As an artist who is once again starting to paint landscapes the park is an absolute eye pleasing experience. Capture every moment, sit and reflect, take your dog for a walk or simply sit on the park bench and watch the people stroll by. The paths remind me of cottage country. I go to reflect and meditate and breathe in nature’s scent and awaken my sense of sight, sound and smell. Once I am done there’s Hutches (the best fries and gravy in town) or an ice cream cone and coming soon, hot chocolate as winter is slowly casting its shivering chill spell. I walk back home calm, cooled and collected as only Mother Nature can provide. (Handicapped accessible is a plus.)
I live with a disability on a fixed income and do not drive. Coming to the park is just like the old days. Growing up I remember the Sunday drives with my parents, grumbling in the back seat “are we there yet, are we there yet”........I remember them saying “you only live once enjoy nature’s splendors and one day you'll learn to appreciate it.” I have attended a few events @Bayfront Park and the beauty of nature and the local events blend in perfectly.

Thank you Hamilton's 20/20 Vision and the countless volunteers who brought our bay back to "us".

The only thing missing from the park is the old fashioned carousal ride like the one in my old childhood home of St Catharine's. It was only 5¢ a ride located in beautiful Port Dalhousie. It would work on the Bayfront, can you envision it?"

**Ken Hirter has lived in Hamilton and the North end for the past 5 years. His hobbies vary from art, community and other vested interests. He loves Hamilton and absolutely love Hamilton's Beautiful Bayfront Park & Hamilton's North end. More photos of the Beautiful Hamilton Bayfront are located on Ken's Google+ account under Ken Hirter "The Summer Of Yesterday"**

"My parents had a house on the north shore backing onto the Bay. There was some fill my father had put at the back of the lot so there was kind of a ramp down to the Bay. In the winter of 1934 or 1935, I talked a man who did work for my parents, kind of like a gardener, into driving the car out onto the ice. I got a rope and tied it on the back bumper, hitched on some old skis and we took off."  -Victoria Gudgeon

"It’s late April. 4:45 am: alarm rings, and so does my head. I wake up to stuff a piece of slightly burned toast with smooth peanut butter into my yawning mouth. I wash it down with some water while my other hand guides the bike out the door to head down to rowing practice at the boat club. I cycle down Macklin to Princess Point with my hands tucked into my long sleeve in the dark and cold morning air.

The trail begins with a frosty bridge, and I look left across the expanse of Coote’s Paradise. It truly is a paradise. Birds swoop across the path and over the water, laughing and questioning my sleepiness. The highway is quiet for once. An occasional mouse or raccoon jaywalks and I narrowly avoid clobbering the creatures. My bike silently slices down the trail until I thump into the bridge connecting the waterway to the harbour. I continue along my journey listening to the water lap the edge, constantly threatening to pull in the shore. It is eerie and it is beautiful."

- Alex Glaros

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