Hamilton Harbour RAP Reports

Beneficial Use Impairment Update

The current status of each Beneficial Use Impairment in the Hamilton Harbour RAP is shown in the chart below:

Status # of Beneficial Uses
Impaired 8
Requires Further Assessment
 Not Impaired

Delisting Hamilton Harbour as an Area of Concern requires the remediation of all use impairments. The 3 Beneficial Use Impairments considered "not impaired" include:
  • Tainting of Fish and Wildlife Flavour
  • Restrictions on Drinking Water Consumption
  • Added Costs to Agriculture and Industry 

TSH Reports

Toward Safe Harbour Reports provide a detailed assessment of the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan. The reports are produced on behalf of BARC’s Board of Directors by a group of volunteers and technical assistants who form the BARC Monitoring Committee.  

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