A support letter from St. Marguerite CES
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON November 10, 2017
We love receiving positive feedback from the schools we visit. Check out this amazing support letter we received from St. Marguerite CES:
"BARC has provided many environmental educational programs for the students at our school over the years.  In fact, we have experienced all their excellent programs and highly recommend them for all schools to participate in learning about helping the environment and its creatures.
Recently, eight Grade 1-4 classes participated in the Turtle Crossings Program.  The students were excited to learn about turtles.  The presentation for each grade was informative and delivered by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter.  The students were extremely interested in learning about turtles and how they can protect them.  They were fully engaged with the workshop and then completed a hands-on activity making their very own clay turtle.
The excitement in taking home their turtle was wonderful to witness, as it will provide a connection in continuing this dialogue at home about what they learned at school.  The students' voice and involvement in the environment at such a young age will definitely inspire them to grow up into responsible eco-friendly citizens.  Programs like this one are beneficial, necessary and important as many students only hear about the environment and its creatures through these types of presentations.  Our school has been fortunate to receive this free program as it makes us more environmentally conscious of our responsibility to earth and its living creatures.   
St. Marguerite d'Youville School was recognized nationally in 2015 as the Greenest School in Canada, and Hamilton's 2016 Environmentalist Award Winner because of our involvement with available programs and strong partnerships with community groups such as BARC.  These programs make our students more involved and informed environmental stewards who are making a difference locally, provincially and nationally. 
Please continue these types of programs as there is a strong need to support school programs in teaching students about environmental stewardship.  We see the success of these types of programs with our students.  We are amazed at their dedication and commitment for ecology and thank BARC for their partnership and involvement with our students. "
The school principal and organizing teacher "
We appreciate the above kind comments, and just want to say we loved visiting!  
Author Bio - Bay Area Restoration Council
The Bay Area Restoration Council represents the public interest in the restoration of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed.
The Bay Area Restoration Council represents the public interest in the restoration of Hamilton Harbour and its watershed.

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