Dream of a Living Stream
BY Suzanne Denomme-McGreal
ON June 29, 2014
“I can't imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.” ~ David Suzuki On June 13th, after months of planning, cutting, sanding, priming and anticipation, Huntington Park School joyously unveiled our very own “Dream of a Living Stream”. Staff, students, parents, volunteers and the surroun...
2013-2014 President’s Report – The Year of Nicolas Cage
BY Scott Koblyk
ON June 23, 2014
The quirky actor and tax evader Nicolas Cage once said, “If I could have been a marine biologist, I would have, but numbers were never my strong point.” By the measure of almost any number, BARC had an excellent year in 2013-2014, but just in case Mr. Cage is reading this, let’s keep the numbers simple.3: Number of Creeks and Creepy Crawlies events for kids209: Number of kids att...
The Blob Box Hits a Snag
BY Scott Koblyk
ON June 17, 2014
The Hamilton/Burlington community got some Randle Reef news today and for the first time in a long time, the news wasn’t good. The project, which had been building momentum and seemed on track to start construction in the summer of 2014, had hit a snag in the tendering process. All of the contractors bidding for the first phase of the work (one of three phases), submitted bids significantl...
Citizen Science: South-African Water Management Possible in Hamilton?
BY Jagbir Dosanjh
ON June 9, 2014
Do you know how much water you use on a daily basis? Monthly? Hourly? Your average water use can tell quite the story! From helping locate leaks to proper allocation of water resources throughout the household, small efforts in water conservation can help tremendously to save money and the environment. In Durban, South Africa, in an effort to curb water consumption, a Water Management De...
Using the Hamilton Harbour as an Outdoor Classroom
BY Chris Wilson
ON May 20, 2014
Hamilton Water, a division of The City of Hamilton will be holding their 7th Annual Hamilton Children’s Water Festival at the end of May. The Hamilton Children’s Water Festival is a three-day educational, hands-on, out of school opportunity to educate students about the importance of water conservation, protection, awareness, respect, science, technology, history and health. The ...
Spring at the Fishway
BY Jennifer Bowman
ON April 25, 2014
Come out and see firsthand the fish that live in Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise Marsh. The Fishway provides an excellent opportunity for the public to view native fish up close and learn about the conservation projects that are helping to restore this ecologically sensitive wetland. Restoring Cootes Paradise to a healthy coastal marshland is a major goal of RBG and the focus of Project ...