Cootes: The Art of James Gummerson
BY James Gummerson
ON November 1, 2016
Over the last two years or so I spent a lot of time hiking through the area. I began painting there as well. I loved the rich diversity of the land and the story it told. It's a really great place paint. Cootes has become a beautiful gem of the city and everyone should visit it... to me it's a spiritual place. Seeing the water and how it feeds the land is very intriguing to me. I have always...
Turtles Crossing!
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON October 27, 2016
McMaster University's Dr. Pat Chow-Fraser and her team of researchers are helping snapping turtles safely navigate our community using radio transmitters!    ...
A Wild Evening on Cootes and Hamilton Harbour
BY Ashley Hockenberry
ON October 20, 2016
As part of our Tell Us Your Story initiative, which encourages the public to share their experiences with water locally, Ashley Hockenberry captures the natural beauty of Cootes Paradise and Hamilton Harbour.Ashley's Story An evening out at Coote's Paradise and Hamilton Harbour. I once lived in Hamilton but had to eventually move back to Toronto. But I can still visit because my son now attends M...
Watermarks of BARC
BY Bay Area Restoration Council
ON October 13, 2016
When you think about your favourite body of water, what comes to mind? When you recall your most powerful memory of being on the water, what is it? Everyone has a story – a Watermark – that connects them to a waterbody; provides them with another reason to protect it. That story often becomes the most powerful reason for protecting swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.  Our team...
Inhabiting a Post-Industrial Ecology
BY TH&B Simon Frank, Dave Hind, Ivan Jurakic, and Tor Lukasik-Foss
ON October 3, 2016
Note: Artists' Talk by TH&B at McMaster Museum of Art on Thursday October 6th from 6-7pm. More details here.  BASIN is a sculptural installation located in the garden area adjacent to the McMaster Museum of Art. Built to resemble an archaic industrial billboard, the scaffolding displays a series of steel-plate silhouettes that resemble the Great Lakes. Installed as a modern ruin, the stru...
Birding around the Bay
BY Mallory Peirce
ON September 20, 2016
Over this hot and humid summer of 2016, I was lucky enough to secure a volunteer position with the Bay Area Restoration Council to conduct bird surveys along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail. My love of birding began about two years ago when a fellow student took me out for my first bird-watching expedition at Trent University. I’ve been hooked ever since. That hobby continued when I returned ...