When a Tree is Planted do People Cheer?
BY Salma Burney
ON April 2, 2015
We all remember this philosophical saying:  "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" However residents in the Westdale area, near Churchill Park, will hear cheers and claps when 1,000 trees are planted! With the generous support of Walmart Evergreen & Hamilton’s Blue Dot, members of Earth Day Hamilton-Burlington are busily preparing f...
What a Difference a Year Makes
BY Chris McLaughlin
ON March 13, 2015
When BARC launched a new website a year ago we hoped that it would serve as an online community forum for local water concerns. But more importantly, we hoped that it would help the people of Hamilton and Burlington celebrate their connection with Hamilton Harbour and its amazing and diverse watershed.Well, what a difference a year makes. Thousands of visitors have spent time on our site, in parti...
Decommissioning a Dam, Restoring a Creek
BY Lisa Jennings
ON March 8, 2015
The Crooks’ Hollow Dam was located on Spencer Creek (cool-water system) near the community of Greensville. The dam was constructed in 1916 to supply water to the community of Dundas; this function ended when a municipal water supply was established for Dundas. Between 1959 and 2001, the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club used the reservoir as a source of water for irrigation. The reservoir...
Preparing for Climate Change
BY Elizabeth Gibbons
ON February 16, 2015
Climate change threatens the way we live, work and play in our communities. Across the Great Lakes region we are already seeing increases in precipitation and temperature, and a marked increase in extreme storm events. These changes lead to impacts on our water resources, eco-systems, and municipal functions. Among the most sensitive areas to climate change are our harbours and marinas. These pre...
The Aqua Lautus Project
BY Christopher McLeod
ON February 4, 2015
When we use water it tends to simply appear when needed and disappear when we are finished with it. There is no sense of its movement, its volume, or the energy involved in moving it. We have no perception of its clarity and what it takes to provide potable water. The fact that we use potable water to flush our toilets as a normal everyday experience is absurd. Through a collaboration of Art and E...
Educating for Sustainability
BY MACgreen, MSU
ON January 20, 2015
For McMaster students, escaping to the outdoors is as easy as taking a few steps into your own backyard. McMaster University is fortunate to sit adjacent to one of the most biologically rich areas in Canada. The campus borders the south shore of Cootes Paradise, a vastly biologically diverse wetland that belongs to the western portion of Hamilton Harbour. While this is a great asset to the unive...