Beyond Traditional Pollutants
BY Sigal Balshine
ON July 26, 2015
Flush! The first show to ever feature a flushing toilet was “All in the Family”. Back in the early 1970s bathroom business was still considered a highly taboo subject, and a fairly unsuitable or risky topic for network television. But we all use the toilet. In Hamilton alone, toilets are flushed about 2 million times a day. That is about 1500 flushes per minute.And when the 720 000 ...
Stormwater Management at Home
BY Michael Albanese
ON July 14, 2015
I am happy to be writing my second post for the BARC blog. Much like the first post, the focus here is on simple changes we can make at home to confront climate change in a way that will bring positive changes to the quality of our streams, creeks, and the Hamilton Harbour. As Hamilton continues to evolve we all want to experience the benefits of clean streams, swimmable beaches, and an overall he...
Balancing the Numbers: Cormorants in Hamilton Harbour
BY Mei-hua Hwang
ON June 17, 2015
To many people, Hamilton Harbour evokes only the imagery of hazy smokestacks and industrial sprawl. However, every summer, one can be treated to sights such as the following image while commuting down Eastport Drive.     South Island off of the Canada Centre for Inland Waters, May of 2014.Of the 6 major species of colonially-nesting waterbirds that breed in Hamilton Harbour, th...
Making the Connection: the Drain and the Harbour
BY Lizanne Pharand
ON May 21, 2015
Many of us make efforts to conserve water by limiting lawn watering, turning off the tap while we brush our teeth, or by ensuring that we have water efficient fixtures and appliances in our homes. The benefits of water conservation are numerous, including reducing water bills and helping manage freshwater as a sustainable resource. But what about the water that goes down the drain? Have you ever s...
Pier 4 Beach, Hamilton Harbour: Success and Challenges
BY Jacqui Milne
ON May 10, 2015
Hamilton Harbour is an approximately 2300 ha embayment that provides a vital role in recreational activities for 500,000 people in the City of Hamilton and 4,000 people in the City of Aldershot. Previous to 1990, the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan (HHRAP) committee determined that less than 5% of the City of Hamilton’s shoreline was accessible to the public. Support from various stake...
2015 Hamilton Environmental Summit
BY Jordan Grieve
ON April 13, 2015
Greetings Hamilton!  April is very exciting time of year for Hamiltonians with a passion for the environment. And why wouldn’t it be with the spring weather starting, Earth Day coming up and of course our third annual Hamilton Environmental Summit?  The Environmental Summit originated three years ago as a platform to highlight accomplishments and address the critical issues in Hami...