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TSH Report, 2006

Toward Safe Harbours Report 2006 evaluates the past and present monitoring programs associated with toxic substances and sediment remediation delisting objectives.
Publication Date: 2006

TSH Report Card, 2007

Toward Safe Harbours Report Card 2007 summarizes the state of Hamilton Harbour and the status of the Remedial Action Plan by evaluating beneficial use impairments.
Publication Date: 2007

TSH Report, 2008

Toward Safe Harbours Report 2008 addresses E. coli contamination at Hamilton Harbour beaches.
Publication Date: 2008

TSH Report, 2009-2010

Toward Safe Harbours Report 2009-10 outlines the results of a public survey which aimed to identify how well BARC reaches the community.
Publication Date: 2010

TSH Report, 2011

Toward Safe Harbours Report 2011 provides an overall view of programs and activities that are going on in the Hamilton Harbour watershed.
Publication Date: 2011

TSH Report, 2014

Toward Safe Harbours Report 2014 assesses the ongoing challenge of sediment and phosphorus for Hamilton Harbour Remediation.
Publication Date: 2014