Exploring the Harbour Through New Eyes
BY Steve Watts
ON August 12, 2014
My entire life I have lived in Hamilton and enjoyed the many things our city has to offer. Hiking the trails throughout Hamilton and gawking at the countless number of waterfalls has given me an appreciation of our city's natural beauty. As a child, I also frequented Bayfront Park to rollerblade or walk the Waterfront Trail. These trips to the Harbour exposed me to an array of historical, economi...
Citizen Science: The Shower of the Future
BY Winnie Chan
ON July 28, 2014
Did you know something as simple as taking a hot shower contributes to greenhouse gas emissions? The energy needed to heat water may partly be generated through burning coal – one of the most lethal contributors of air pollution. Despite improving conditions in the Hamilton Harbour since the implementation of the Remedial Action Plan in 1992, pollution and water consumption remains a conce...
Second Chances
BY Aristides Athayde
ON July 18, 2014
I remember when I discovered environmentalism. I was nine, ten maybe. I went with my mom to do some shopping – a thing that I hated – and we stopped by this nice, fancy sportswear boutique. In the store, there was something that changed my entire perception of nature, or how we, humans, may impact our planet: A t-shirt with “Save the Whales” writing on it. Attracted by the...
Racing for the Bay
BY Martin Keller
ON July 7, 2014
Saturday, July 26, 2014 marks the 11th year Lively Dragon has been organizing the Hamilton Waterfest Dragonboat Festival at Bayfront Park in Hamilton, and for many years BARC has been the charity of choice of this fun-filled and fantastic team sport event. With over 50 teams participating from across Ontario, this event has become a major summer attraction in the Bay.Dragonboating is deeply embedd...
Dream of a Living Stream
BY Suzanne Denomme-McGreal
ON June 29, 2014
“I can't imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.” ~ David Suzuki On June 13th, after months of planning, cutting, sanding, priming and anticipation, Huntington Park School joyously unveiled our very own “Dream of a Living Stream”. Staff, students, parents, volunteers and the surroun...
2013-2014 President’s Report – The Year of Nicolas Cage
BY Scott Koblyk
ON June 23, 2014
The quirky actor and tax evader Nicolas Cage once said, “If I could have been a marine biologist, I would have, but numbers were never my strong point.” By the measure of almost any number, BARC had an excellent year in 2013-2014, but just in case Mr. Cage is reading this, let’s keep the numbers simple.3: Number of Creeks and Creepy Crawlies events for kids209: Number of kids att...