Educating for Sustainability
BY MACgreen, MSU
ON January 20, 2015
For McMaster students, escaping to the outdoors is as easy as taking a few steps into your own backyard. McMaster University is fortunate to sit adjacent to one of the most biologically rich areas in Canada. The campus borders the south shore of Cootes Paradise, a vastly biologically diverse wetland that belongs to the western portion of Hamilton Harbour. While this is a great asset to the unive...
Connecting Legacy With the Harbour
BY Hamilton Community Foundation
ON January 11, 2015
Hamilton’s rich culture and heritage are complemented by the city’s mesmerizing nature. This is reflected in the Harbour, one of the city’s most notable features and a natural gem.  If the Harbour is to flourish, it has to be cared for. Hamilton Community Foundation has been proud to play a supporting role for many years, granting almost $87,000 to BARC since 1998. A number...
Christmas Tree Barriers
BY Jennifer Bowman
ON December 18, 2014
The Christmas tree barriers at the mouth of Grindstone creek are helping RBG to rebuild creek channels. Creek channels that have disappeared since carp have been prevalent in Hamilton Harbour. The Common carp, Cyprinus carpio, native to Asia, were introduced to North America in the 1800. Conditions in the Harbour, namely high sediment and nutrient loads, favoured the carp over native fish species...
Trickling Trouble: Is Sewage Water Flowing Through our Creeks?
BY Chelsey Hurst
ON December 7, 2014
You are standing by the bank of Mountview Falls on a beautiful sunny day, and you hear the gentle trickle of the stream as it flows by. You think to yourself, how is it even possible to suggest that the same clear, sparkling water you see before your eyes is in fact overridden with bacteria and nearly saturated with nutrients? Yet, for Mountview Falls and other waterfall sites across the Chedoke w...
Drugs down the drain: Where do they go and why should we care?
BY Erin McCallum
ON November 26, 2014
When we take prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications, we often don’t think about what happens to them after we take them. For example, do they simply disappear after they’ve made us better? Surely not. Similarly, what happens when we use household or personal care products, like soaps and perfumes? The truth is, a portion of these products end up back in the environment, esp...
Celebrating 20 years of Stewardship in the Hamilton Harbour Watersheds
BY Kent Rundle
ON November 17, 2014
The Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program (HHWSP) is celebrating its 20th anniversary of delivering private landowner outreach and stewardship support in the Hamilton Harbour watersheds.For those who don’t know, the purpose of HHWSP is to protect, enhance and restore environmentally significant natural areas and watercourses through developing an educated, empowered community of priv...