Getting to Know our Creek Communities
BY Kim Ootjers
ON May 11, 2016
Many of you will remember the nursery rhyme “there was an old woman who swallowed a fly”. As the rhyme goes on, the woman swallows larger and larger animals, moving from a fly to a spider to a bird and eventually ending up swallowing a horse. But, have you ever asked yourself where the fly came from? Well, if by chance she swallowed a mayfly or a stonefly, it likely came from a stream...
Finding Art in the Hills and Valleys of Hamilton
BY Ryan Bruer
ON May 3, 2016
I am an interdisciplinary printmaker. Made manifest in printmaking, sculpture, installation and digital works—my practice uses the raw materials of our memories and experiences, specifically those which become formative spiritually and psychologically. I use the term raw materials very intentionally as my practice is concerned with the physicality of object and space. I am interested how we ...
The Mini Marsh Experience
BY Miss St. Amand & Her First Grade Friends
ON April 29, 2016
Something Fishy About Wastewater
BY Sherry Du
ON April 27, 2016
150 billion litres of untreated and undertreated wastewater enter Canadian waters each year. Even in treated wastewater, some contaminants are able to slip through the treatment process, ultimately being released into the environment. These include pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Once released into our water systems, these contaminants -- chemicals that are designed to alter our behav...
Showing off Hamilton's Natural Beauty
BY Greg Lenko
ON April 20, 2016
The Escarpment Project Annual Clean-up was started in 2011 and quickly became an impressive movement to clean trails and waterfalls along the escarpment. People of all ages gather at various locations along the escarpment in Hamilton to help return it to its natural state.During the last clean-up, over 600 volunteers helped remove approximately 800 bags of litter plus furniture, car parts, bikes,...
A Vision for West Harbour Development
BY Matt Pinder
ON April 19, 2016
This vision was prepared as an assignment for an online course I’m currently enrolled in, titled Designing Cities. For the assignment, we were asked to choose an area of our city in need of redevelopment and imagine what it could become by incorporating creative design features.   The Pier 7/8 area of Hamilton, Canada is a former industrial district that has been highlighted by th...