A Vision for West Harbour Development
BY Matt Pinder
ON April 19, 2016
This vision was prepared as an assignment for an online course I’m currently enrolled in, titled Designing Cities. For the assignment, we were asked to choose an area of our city in need of redevelopment and imagine what it could become by incorporating creative design features.   The Pier 7/8 area of Hamilton, Canada is a former industrial district that has been highlighted by th...
Creating a Healthier Cootes
BY Gisela Tobien Sherman
ON April 6, 2016
3707 bags of garbage, 483 tires, 86,816 pounds of rubble, and 32,977 pounds of metal for a total of 186,024 pounds of litter and debris – this is what The Stewards of Cootes Watershed have removed since our founding in 2012. Why does this matter? Spencer Creek springs up somewhere near Paris, picks up 22 tributaries, and ends up as the largest, most significant watershed of Cootes...
‘Water’ You Doing to Reduce your Stormwater Impact?
BY Leanne Collett
ON March 18, 2016
The mercury has begun to climb above sub-zero temperatures, the snow piles are beginning to recede and we will soon be packing away mittens and toques in our winter bins. While I’m sure this evokes images of colourful lilies and melting ice cream cones for many folks, my mind inevitably thinks about the spring freshet. The freshet is the period of time in the spring, generally April and May...
Wetland Artistry: Ponds, Frogs, and Natural Charm
BY Judy Major-Girardin
ON March 7, 2016
The importance of wetland ecosystems are somewhat self-evident. Yet, the beauty, tranquility and natural charm of wetland ecosystems, such as Cootes Paradise, are often overlooked. Wetlands are teeming with unique and abundant wildlife that serve many important roles in our community. To highlight the innate allure of wetlands, artist Judy Major-Girardin has provided a few of her pieces to tell u...
Celebrate the Season with Hamilton Winterfest!
BY City of Hamilton Events Office
ON January 24, 2016
The City of Hamilton invites the community to experience the beauty of the winter season at this year’s annual Hamilton Winterfest. At a time of year when many are tempted to hibernate at home, Hamilton’s Winterfest program inspires residents to get out, connect with others, and experience the best of the city during the winter season.  The city-wide program runs from Feb...
Climate Change Hamilton
BY Deirdre Connell
ON October 16, 2015
Climate Change Hamilton October is Climate Change Action Month here in Hamilton. Since 2008, residents of Hamilton have used the month of October to celebrate action taken on Climate Change in the community. Since 2008, the Climate Change Hamilton program has been part of that action, particularly through Climate Change Champions and the Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter.   In O...