A Two Faced City: Naturally Gritty
BY Michael McGlashon
ON August 8, 2016
You can find natural beauty almost anywhere, especially in northern Ontario, but in Hamilton nature seems to be around every corner. We don’t live in a rainforest or conservation area; instead, nature is intertwined with cityscapes, often providing a stark contrast between urban life and the “wild” side of Hamilton. I have visited Algonquin, Killarny, and many other parks across...
Experiencing the Bay with BARC
BY Bianca Colangelo
ON August 4, 2016
I never could have predicted the relationships and adventures that I would encounter during my six weeks at BARC. I studied about the organization before my interview, but it will never compare to the amount that I have learned during my internship. As a communications student at McMaster University, going into her final year, this internship was an amazing opportunity for me to use specific skill...
Rock on, Randle Reef!
BY Chris McLaughlin
ON July 22, 2016
These striking overhead images of the construction of the Randle Reef Environmental Containment Facility (ECF) remind me of concert tickets stuck to the fridge door. With excitement you buy seats for an event in the somewhat distant future. And you wait. Time passes and you think of that day yet to come with great anticipation. And then that surreal moment arrives when the tickets are again in ha...
Sketch Out Your Hamilton
BY Harold Sikkema
ON July 6, 2016
Grab a pencil (imaginary or otherwise) and sketch out your Hamilton. What important lines will you draw? A railway line? A jagged escarpment edge? A picket line in a labour strike? What about the shore line? Or a contour line on a map of the local watershed? My eye forges a way through the city’s visuals. My feet trace a trajectory through its ecological networks. My arms paddle a path thr...
New Adventures and Paddling for a Cause
BY Julie Richards
ON July 4, 2016
I rather dislike making those mundane New Year’s resolutions. You know the ones where you promise to be a better person or to stop a bad habit or give up your favourite sinful food. I can never keep them. Last year I forced myself and mustered up the courage to finally make a promise to myself without too many confident and lasting expectations just to be safe. One of my few practical resolu...
Welcome to the Port of Hamilton!
BY Steve Watts
ON June 27, 2016